Project LaunchED

8:30 ET


The ALL-IN-ONE unified crypto platform.

CoinMerge is turning heads away from Telegram and Dextools by combining their services into one revolutionary platform. That’s only the tip of the iceberg for what CoinMerge has to offer. Read our whitepaper and follow us on all social to stay up-to-date with CoinMerge news.

The ultimate crypto platform. Right in your hands.

Never switch between 15 apps again. No need for TradingView, Bloomberg, Telegram, Dextools, and all the crypto apps you use. We've simplified it for you. All in one. Invest today, thank YOU later.


Live Crypto News

Live news from your favorite crypto tokens, coins, companies, and general news.

Live Crypto Charts & Tools

Charting tools right to your phone, tablet, or computer. Live charts & charting tools.

Custom Price Tracking

Create price alerts, set up reminders, and control your preferences like never before.

Crypto Chats

Join crypto chatrooms, servers, and announcements. Designed for crypto only.


Small details that matter. Transparency is key.


6% of Transactions to Community

Fees go directly to the community in the form of yield, rewards, and liquidity

4% of Transactions to Project Development

Development, growth, team pay, marketing, advertising, and more

5% yield (ETH rewards)

Basically, 5% of all transactions' ETH worth will be stored and later rewarded to users!

1% Community Rewards

This wallet will be used to reward the community for participation and other ways the community wishes.

4% Project Funding

To secure your investment and continue innovating, 4% of transactions go to our development & marketing funds.

100% Added to Uniswap

We believe that the team should not have the upper hand over investors; there are no team wallets.

The Numbers

CoinMerge takes pride in its unique tokenomics. Not only does our team not keep any tokens behind, but we have a low supply and have no token burn. Furthermore, 100% of the tokens are added to Uniswap; there's no presale and no hidden fees anywhere.
Total token supply
Low supply
No tokens burned
Low supply more efficient
Team wallet tokens
No hidden team tokens
All supply added to Uniswap
No presale. Fair launch. No tokens kept by team

Be smart.
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